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Name Pyrians
Origin Pyria
Distribution Venus-like Planets
Structure of society unknown
Status Widely spread
Pyrian torch ship

The Pyrians are a methane breathing race and an imperialistic power. While having very different needs and interests, Pyrians are able to pyroform worlds to meet their needs and occasionally fought the old Systems Commonwealth for planets such as Brahman. It was only after suffering a major defeat at the hand of the old High Guard that a formal treaty was signed between the Pyrians and the Commonwealth.

After the fall of the Commonwealth, the Pyrians considered the treaty void and continued expanding. Few post-Fall governments were able to withstand their power. Even before the fall, a Pyrian Torchship was an even match for a single Glorious Heritage Class cruiser.

When the Restored Commonwealth was founded, another war threatened to start with the Pyrians who were being directed by one of Trance's People. All attempts to defeat them in the Samsara System failed and the Andromeda eventually had to destroy the planet in an effort to show the Lambent Kith Nebula that the new Commonwealth was willing to fight rather than just surrender. Negotiations for a new Treaty commenced.


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