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Name Trance Gemini
Race Avatar
Birthplace Unknown
Faction unknown
Family Status Unknown
Last Known Status Currently onboard the Andromeda Ascendant

Trance Gemini (portrayed by Laura Bertram) was the Medical Oficer onboard the Andromeda Ascendant during Seasons 1-4.



Trance currently lives onboard the Andromeda Ascendant where she serves as Medical Officer and Dylan Hunts confidant.


Little is known about Trance's origin during most of the series. She is quite secretive about her past, despite her crewmates efforts to question her.


Purple Trance

Trance Gemini has appeared in up to 4 different forms during the series. In Season One she had purple skin and a long tail, which she put to use often (she used her tail to undo the bindings placed on her in the episode To Loose The Faithful Lightning). This incarnation of Trance is often referred to online as "Purple Trance" or "Pixie Trance".
Trance in her Purple or Pixie Incarnation

Golden Trance

In the Season Two episode Ouroboros, the younger, purple Trance traded places with a Golden version of herself from the future. She emerged in warrior garb, even carrying a forcelance strapped to her hip. Although the crew distrusted her at first, they eventually began to see this different version of Trance as their old friend. This incarnation of Trance is often referred online as "Golden Trance".


This incarnation of Trance appeared in Season Five. After the events of The Dissonant Interval (2), Trance awakens in the Seefra system, wandering the planet as a ball of flaring light (like a miniature sun) unaware of who she is. It is in this state that she is captured by Jonah Darrega, a trader, who exploits her power. When he attempts to use Trance against Dylan Hunt in The Weight (2), Dylan sees her for who and what she really is. She emerges from her sun-like self, and remembers him. This version of Trance (referred to as "Princess" after the events of What Will Be Was Not) wears slightly less serious clothes than Golden Trance, but retains the Golden skin colouring.

Trance's Species

In the Season Two episode, Pitiless As The Sun, a Professor Logich interrogates Trance in an attempt to obtain more information about her species. Although he ultimately fails, Trance leaves him a hint - as he stares into her eyes we can see a cluster of stars swirling around.

It's not until Season Four that her origins become clear. During Soon The Nearing Vortex and The World Turns All Around Her Trance helps the crew defeat former crewmate Tyr Anasazi and the Abyss by turning into a miniature sun and going Supernova - thereby destroying the Andromeda Ascendant and allowing the ship and her crew to re-materialize in their own galaxy.

In Season Five of the series, the Andromeda Ascendant and her crew are stranded in a System called Seefra. During the course of this season we learn that Trance is from a race of beings that are avatars of various interstellar bodies. Trance herself is the avatar of the Vedran Sun.

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