To Loose The Fateful Lightning

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"Those who fail to learn history
are doomed to repeat it;those
who fail to learn history correctly
--why, they are simply doomed."

Achem Dro'hm
"The Illusion of History Facts", C.Y. 4971
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Episode 003 (1x03)



Close to the Dyhedra System, the crew of the Andromeda tries to resupply at an old High Guard station GS92196. At the station they encounter children, descendants of the old High Guard station crew. Because of a radiation leak, none of the children survive past their adulthood for long. They survive by fending off Magog and slavers, waiting for their Messiah. When they see Dylan, they believe him to be the one who will lead them on their holy mission. But Dylan can't even begin to guess what that mission is...




Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage
Where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning
Of His terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on. (Source)


"Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it."



  • This is the second episode which was shoot (the first one was D Minus Zero - 1x04).
  • The episode is a tribute to the episode 1x08 of Star Trek Classics. The crew of the Enterprise comes to a planet, where only children survived, because the adults have died in an anthropogenic plague.
  • The children from this episode are never mentioned again.
  • Referred to Ethlie Ann Vare the number of the station (GS92196) is hint to the date of marriage from the writer Matt Kiene (9-21-96) (Source:
  • Although listed as "To Loose The Faithful Lightning" this episode has also been titled "To Loose the Fateful Lightning" on the official website and on some DVD releases.

Guest stars

  • Chris Lovick as Hayek
  • Amber Rothwell as Nassan
  • Richard Le Klerk as Mapes


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