Knights of Genetic Purity

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Race Human
Origin Templars Offshot
Capital Heimdahl
Distribution Scattered Bases
Government Military
Leader unknown
Status Scattered

The Knights of Genetic Purity, or Genites, are a group of humans opposed to all manipulation of the human genome. They especially blame the Nietzscheans for the fall of the Systems Commonwealth and strive to rid the human race of anyone with modified genes. As this constitutes over 92% of the human race, it would require wiping out the vast majority of humanity.

Expelled from the Templars organization two hundred years ago for their extremist views, the Genites at one time managed to turn the tide against the Nietzschean prides. However, a united front by the prides managed to wipe out most of the Genites. Over the centuries, the Genites continued to improve their military technology to the point where their ships are even matches for the Andromeda Ascendant. Some of their weapons include photo-reactive armor and Seraphim carriers.

When the Genites learned that the genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni might have been born, they began attacking various small prides in search of the child. This drew them into conflict with the Andromeda, as Tyr Anasazi was the father. Though the Genites nearly succeeded, the child escaped and the Genites became enemies of the new Commonwealth.

Later on, the Genites began working on a bio-weapon that drew the attention of the Templars. Working with the Andromeda, the Templars nearly succeeded in co-opting their work to create a virus capable of wiping out the Nietzscheans. After this, the state of the Genites is unknown.


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