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Race Human
Origin Old High Guard Remnant
Capital Unknown
Distribution Nomadic
Government Military
Leader Constantine Stark
Status Destroyed

Founded by Admiral Constanza Stark of the old High Guard, the Templars have worked behind the scenes ever since the Fall, fighting anyone and anything that crossed them. They especially hate the Nietzscheans and the Genites are actually an offshot of the Templars, expelled from the organization by Admiral Stark. The Templars continued to transfer Admiral Stark's mind from one body to another as each one was worn out. In this way, Stark continued to command the Templars. By the time the Andromeda Ascendant was pulled out of the blackhole, Admiral Stark had been transferred four times, her latest incarnation as Constantine Stark.

When Captain Hunt began trying to restore the Systems Commonwealth, the Templars preempted his arrival in many places to ensure his success. Eventually, they made contact with him, asking for his help in fighting the Genites. The Templars's goal was to steal and modify a Genite bio-weapon, but when Hunt learned of their objectives, he forced their hand and they destroyed the lab and its contents to avoid it falling back into Genite hands.

The Templars continued their operations, eventually building a time bridge so they could bring an army from the future into the past. However, when the bridge was activated, highly evolved Magog returned instead, having wiped out the Templars. This resulted in the utter defeat of the Templars as well as the final death of Admiral Stark.


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