Constanza Stark

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Name Constanza Stark
Race Human
Birthplace unknown
Faction Systems Commonwealth
Family Status unknown
Last Known Status Dead

Admiral Constanza Stark, last Chief of Staff of the High Guard and founder of the Templars. Admiral Stark was a to the point woman who valued practical experience. She was also the aunt of Sara Riley and thought highly of one Dylan Hunt. Stark sent Dylan on several high risk missions, including removal of Mobius' dictator. She then promoted him to Captain and assigned him to the Andromeda Ascendant.

As the war continued to worsen for the Commonwealth, Admiral Stark ordered a strike against Fountainhead with the remnants of the High Guard fleet. They gathered at the Witchhead Nebula but a massive Nietzschean fleet engaged them before they could move out. The resulting battle decimated both sides and left the Known Worlds vulnerable to a massive Magog offensive. Stark went on to found the Templars, an organization dedicated to fighting the fights no one else could. She grew to hate the Nietzscheans, blaming them for the Fall. However, Stark also excised many extremists from the Templars, who went on to found the Knights of Genetic Purity.

Stark did not die with her body. The Templars transferred her mind to a volunteer each time her body was worn out, doing this a total of four times. Her latest incarnation was as Constantine Stark. Admiral Stark finally died when the time bridge activated and future Magog returned instead of a future Templars army.


  • "Here is everything I know about war: somebody wins, somebody loses, and nothing is ever the same again." CY 9784 (D Minus Zero)
  • "A soldier's first battlefield is always his own mind." CY 9762 (The Knight, Death, and the Devil)
  • "I've always found a fully deployed battle group to be the most effective negotiator." CY 9758 (Point Of The Spear)
  • "Gentlebeings, I bid you welcome. Welcome to the blood, to the sweat, to the tears. Welcome to your places on the wall." "Address to War College Graduates," CY 9764 (Twilight Of The Idols)


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