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Patrol Crafts are non-Slipstream capable planetary defense crafts, serving mostly in the Home Guards. They are used to defend a particular area or object. They are not able to enter the Slipstream.


Light Patrol Craft (LPC)

Planetary defense crafts that supplement and augment Home Guard defensive capabilities. Several sub-classes of LPC are in use throughout the Commonwealth, depending on the particulars of the operational environment. LPCs are very fast, highly maneuverable and operate most often in squadrons of eight.


  • Ship's Complement: max. 10

Combat Systems

Heavy Patrol Craft (HPC)

Similar to the light craft, but equipped with 2 ELS tubes and an AP Gun turret. Like the LPC, several sub-classes of the HPC are in use throughout the Commonwealth, and each can be used as an additional medium-range sensor platform by an HCBG or PRG during combat operations.


  • Ship's Complement: 20-30

Combat Systems

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