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The Righteous Fist of Heaven class Deep Stand-off Attack Ship is the workhorse of the High Guard combat fleet. Optimized for extreme-range destruction of hostile starships and planetary pacification missions, the DSA is long on offensive capabilities and short on defensive systems. Sensor Systems on the DSA are dedicated almost entirely to battle management support, though they can be used in a pinch as additional extended range surveillance platforms. The DSA is also equipped with Low Observability technology, making them more difficult for hostile forces to target and destroy. DSAs rarely operate independently and rely on battlegroup assets for their self-defense and logistics support. When detached from their primary HCBG, DSAs run in "packs" of two.


Technical Data

  • Length: 651m
  • Beam: 488m
  • Height: 163m
  • Inertial Mass: 23,045,599 kg
  • Max Speed: Classified
  • 1 AI command and control entity


  • Ship's Complement: 356
  • Officer/Enlisted: 1/8

Sensor Systems

  • PAS-37Q System Search Sensor (Phased Array)
  • HSS-114D Hyper-Spectral Scanner (EO)
  • AIS-117M Advanced Imaging Sensor (Synthetic Aperture/Moving Target Indicator)
  • AIS-117I Advanced Imaging Sensor (Inverse Synthetic Aperture)
  • ES/A-9R Electronic Support and Attack Measure Suite

Combat Systems


  • OM-5 standard offensive kinetic kill missiles
  • DM-5 standard defensive kinetic kill missiles
  • PM-6 Star Arrow smart anti-ship missiles
  • PM-6L Strategic Star Arrow smart anti-ship missiles (extended range variant)
  • PM-6LII Strategic Star Arrow multiple independent kill vehicle (MIKV) variant
  • SAPM-6III Strike Arrow surface attack variant
  • Nova Bombs
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