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Name Rommie
Race Ship Avatar
Birthplace GS92196
Faction Commonwealth
Family Status None
Last Known Status Alive

The avatar of the Andromeda Ascendant AI, Rommie is part of but also independent of the ship. She was built by Seamus Zelazny Harper after Harper managed to acquire the schematics for a ship avatar. She then went and disabled the children attempting to seize control of the Andromeda. Afterwards, Rommie served as another member of the crew, going on various missions off the ship when needed.

Though an AI, Rommie began experiencing emotions thanks to her new physical body. She learned to cry after the death of a fellow Glorious Heritage Class cruiser, the Pax Magellanic and even fell in love with another AI, Gabriel. After she was forced to kill Gabriel, Rommie experienced sorrow once more and asked to be dismantled. However, Dylan refused her request and promised he would be there to help her deal with these emotions. Rommie's emotional state stabilized afterwards and she continued to serve Dylan and the Commonwealth loyally for several years.

When the new High Guard warship Resolution of Hector was completing construction, the AI of the Balance of Judgement resurfaced in Rommie, seizing her body and the new warship. Rommie managed to convince the Judgement AI to surrender and also fight and defeated the avatar Remiel. Despite uncovering old scars, Rommie managed to deal with the situation and remained stable afterwards.

When trying to save the Archology, Rommie was destroyed in the fighting but was slowly rebuilt by Harper while in the Seefra System. She was incredibly unstable for some time before Dylan and the others helped her recover. Rommie then helped the crew as they returned to the Known Worlds and faced down the Nietzscheans and the Abyss.

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