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Name Ulatempa
Race Vedran
Birthplace Tarn-Vedra
Faction Commonwealth
Family Status unknown
Last Known Status dead

Ulatempa is a famous Vedran poetess whose creative period lies in the Long Night.

She was one of the Vedrans who was not on Tarn Vedra when it was seperated from the Slipstream. In this impossibility to return to her home is the tragic of ther works: her emotions and feelings in this enforced exile.

Abstracts from her opus

  • "Elegy for the Commonwealth" (CY 9823):
    "The heavens burned, the stars cried out and under the ashes of infinity, hope, scarred and bleeding, breathed its last."
  • "Rhythmy" (CY 9825):
    "Spiral, spin, ride the whirlwind. Knowing when the drumming stops, There'll be no second dance." and
    "Blink and it's gone. A moment, a breath, A Dance of the Mayflies. Just enough...For a Lifetime."
  • "Song of my Exile" (CY 9825):
    "Come bitter rain, and wash from my heart the saddest of all words: Home."


Ulatempa's quotes in front of the following episodes:

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