The Way

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Race Mixed
Origin Founded by the Anointed One
Capital unknown
Distribution Widespread
Government Theocracy
Leader unknown
Status Widespread

A pacifistic religious order, The Way was actually founded by a Magog, the Anointed One. It was said this Magog was born from the body of a holy man, who somehow remained conscious during the painful incubation process and spoke to the Magog larva. The Anointed One was moved by this and became a pacifist. From there, he founded the religious order known as The Way, which preached the existence of the Divine, an entity of love and peace.

Wayists are generally peaceful and try to avoid violence at all cost, even at the expense of their lives. They also attempt to help others, believing all sentients had the right to exist, even the Magog. Wayists many times conduct humanitarian missions to needy worlds and preach to those who would listen. However, because of their pacifism, they are often attacked and taken advantage of. Recently, Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant has come to the aid of various Wayist efforts, helping protect the monks as they continue their work.


Notable Wayists


  • "Only those born guilty recognize innocence for what it is: The rarest thing in the Universe, and the most precious." (The Anointed, The Finder of The Way, C.Y. 9799)
  • "The truest measure of a society is how it treats its elderly, its pets, and its prisoners." (Keeper of the Way Vision of Faith VII; C.Y. 9891)
  • "Beneath knowing, understanding. Beneath understanding, seeing. Beneath seeing, recognizing. Beneath recognizing, knowing" (Keeper of The Way, Vision of Faith; CY 10003)




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