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Class Unique
Serial Number None
Commander Abyss
Faction Magog
Construction Facility Magog
Home Planet Mobile
Status Destroyed

Perhaps the most powerful weapon in the Known Worlds, the Worldship is comprised of a dozen worlds held together by some kind of superstructure and powered by an artificial sun. The Worldship is armed with several massive Point Singularity Projectors and protected by several fleets of Swarm Ships. Trillions of Magog inhabit the Worldship and the few prisoners they take are also kept there.

The Worldship was first encountered in the M89 galaxy by the Andromeda Ascendant. She was attacked and her crew butchered but Andromeda made it back to the Tri-Galaxies. A Than freighter located her and her memories of the mission were erased before she was recommissioned back into service. The second encounter was again by the Andromeda Ascendant, this time because her erased memories were activated by a backup and overwrote her personality. With only a skeleton crew, the Andromeda was ill-matched for the Worldship and nearly destroyed. However, Captain Dylan Hunt had salvaged a Nova Bomb and used it against the artificial sun, crippling the Worldship but not destroying it.

The third encounter of the Worldship was the battle for Arkology. The Andromeda again took heavy damage and was nearly destroyed when Trance went supernova. However, even this was not enough to destroy the Worldship.

Other Worldships

A second Worldship was seen in episode 4x03. This Worldship was built by Kroton, who was also supposed to be responsible for the Magog Worldship. This Worldship was much smaller and instead of an artificial sun at its center, it had some kind of light based weapon with mirrors surrounding it. This Worldship was destroyed when the Andromeda Ascendant opened up multiple slipstream portals and Kroton chose the wrong one.


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